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All-in-one relevance, lightning-fast search with deep Insights and patent-pending smart integration for your website

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See what your visitors searching for and have deep Insights


Add Filters to your search results to ease navigation

No Integration

Just insert our javascript code - that's it!

Fastest Search Results

Search results within milliseconds


Super relevant tolerated to your websites' language

How it works

Step one

Insert out Javascript code to your website like Google Analytics code.


Our crawler will start crawling your website instantly

Tag your elements easily

So that our smart crawler can understand your site type

Search Indexing

With the help of the advanced , Your Search Results will be starting to show off in your website

Easiest integration

Just copy a piece of code and all your search results will start to be rendered by our cloud based system.

Search Analytics

Have deep Insights about your visitor by seeing their interests on your website

Simple, transparent pricing.

Always know what you'll Pay

Yearly Get 2 months free
Upto 1000 PagesUpto 10k PagesSite search for Ecommerce sites, upto 50k ProductsFeature-rich options for enterprises at scale, extra security, compliance and support
monthmonthmonthstarts from
Insights - Anayltics Report1 month3 months12 months
Crawling SpeedWeeklyDailyInstantInstant
Integration Support
Instant Crawler
Dedicated Hardware
AI Search
SLA - Uptime Guarantee
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Can I see Search Insights?

You can see what your visitors are looking for by going to your Control Panel > Analytics section

Where is my data hosted?

Your data is hosted in our servers and we are GDPR compliant. However all searches served from your website will be served by our servers without your visitors leaving your website.

What do I need to install on my side?

You will need to insert a javascript code which you can get from your control panel. After that the rest is handled by our system automagically.

How often will you crawl my website?

For Basic Package we crawl weekly, period. For other packages, we crawl your website whenever any change happens in your whole website thanks to Instant Crawl technology Pars, our Patent pending Technology.

How can I add Filters to our search

You can add filters to your search results using your control panel

How does it the system wowk ?

After you insert the javascript you get from your control panel, your search results will start to work as our crawler will start to crawl your website. Your search results should appear within 10 minutes. Your search results will be rendered in your website thanks to this javascript you added to your website.

Are there any limitations with the search count?

We have throttled the search limits per second for each account due to the abnormal usage to protect both our customers and their own visitors, however we could tune up according to your visitor usage. Just get in contact with us so that we could help you better!

Which languages are supported by the site search engine?

Our language support for search is not limited to English nor Turkish. We support Multi-Language and language-agnostic: it supports alphabet-based and symbol-based languages (such as Chinese, Japanese or Korean) as well. Do not hesitate to contact us if you are going to use different languages!

Does Mindio provide a free trial?

In order to let you try Mindio and see if it fits with your use case, we offer a 14-day trial period for every new account for your site search needs.

How can I replace with Google Search Appliance

We provide competitive support with superior features comparing to other solutions like Google Custom Search, Google Site search and so on.


About us

With more than 8 years experience in Search Engines, Mindio is a R&D focused startup company located in the most prestigious Technopark Area of Turkey, ODTÜ/Teknokent. Founded by engineers, the company is selected among more than 3600 Startups and funded by the R&D support of TUBITAK (Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey).

The company aims to build superior search services using Artificial Intelligence with the help of the latest Academic Research results.

Contact us

Got any questions? Don't hesitate to reach out.